Rossi 2015…IN! |

Rossi 2015…IN!

Exp 88 | Pursuit 16 | Exp 80

Rossi’s 2015 Line is making a serious move to grab some titles for “best performing ski”. The Experience Line is back, with options at 88 mm underfoot, 80 mm underfoot, and 75 mm underfoot. The 88’s are a flat ski (no binding) and the rest are a system ski – coming with a top of the line Rossi 12 binding. The 88’s boast metal/wood core construction, tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot, and a newly designed progressive tip rocker to reduce “rocker-flap” – ice, powder, slush it doesn’t matter this ski wants it all! The rest of the Experience line comes stocked with the all wood core we love from Rossi, and tip rocker with camber underfoot. These skis will rip any condition you put them through, only wanting to go back for seconds.

The 88’s are retailing for $649.99 flat and the 80’s at $599.99 with the Rossi System Binding.

For the pure frontside charger, The Pursuit 16’s are yours. The 16’s are retailing for $749.99 including an 11 din Rossi system binding. Narrower underfoot than the Experience line, The Pursuits deliver that classic race sidecut we know and love. Combined with a sheet of metal inside, these skis are a carvers dream. Oh yeah, they’ll handle the bumps trees and powder too for those special days.

Come in and check out Rossignol’s new line, as well as all of our 2015 Arrivals – more coming in each week.